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Enhancing Access Control with the SafetyPro Twin 250 Fixed ADA Compliant Stanchion

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Enhancing Access Control with the SafetyPro Twin 250 Fixed ADA Compliant Stanchion

SafetyPro Retractable belt barriers are renowned for their high build specifications and superior performance in crowd control. The SafetyPro Twin 250 Fixed ADA Compliant Stanchion, with its exceptional features and durability, has become the top choice for enhancing access control in a variety of environments, including factories, warehouses, construction sites and other high-traffic work environments. In this blog post, we will explore the outstanding qualities of the SafetyPro Twin 250 Fixed stanchion, highlighting its ADA compliance, twin belt configuration, fixed base design, and customizable options.

Unmatched Performance and Fixed Design

The SafetyPro Twin 250 Fixed stanchion excels in its high build specifications, ensuring unparalleled reliability and durability. Its 5″ diameter fixed mounting base, along with the optional flange cover, not only guarantees stability but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the safety barrier. This base gives you the ability to securely bolt the stanchion to the ground giving you a robust and durable barrier solution that will withstand the test of time.

Fixed Bubble


ADA Compliance and Twin Belt Configuration

Creating a safe and substantial safety barrier is made possible by the ADA compliant twin belts of the SafetyPro Twin 250 Fixed stanchion. These twin belts restrict pedestrians from ducking underneath, ensuring enhanced safety and security. The stanchion complies with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessibility standards, making it suitable for public spaces where accessibility is crucial.

ADA Compliant


Permanent Surface Mounting and Easy Belt Replacements

The fixed base design of the SafetyPro stanchion allows for permanent surface mounting, offering stability and durability in high-traffic areas. It can be easily installed and provides a solid foundation for a long-term access control solution. The two-piece construction of the stanchion facilitates easy belt replacements, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and swift replacements when needed.

Weatherproof Construction and Customization Options

The SafetyPro Twin 250 Fixed stanchion is a versatile solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, thanks to its weatherproof design. It can withstand harsh weather conditions while maintaining its functionality and reliability. To enhance visibility, the stanchion is available in three OSHA stock color options: yellow, red, and orange. Moreover, businesses can choose from a variety of stock belt options in plain colors, stripes or printed safety messages. Alternatively the belt can be fully customized by adding branding, messages, or logos to the stanchion belt, adding improved functionality to the safety barrier.



When it comes to permanent pedestrian barriers, the SafetyPro 250 stanchion sets the standard for safety, reliability, and customizability. With its high-performance features, durable construction, and extensive customization options, SafetyPro provides an effective solution for airports, sports arenas, retail stores, and other high-traffic environments. Whether you require branding opportunities, weatherproof design, or enhanced crowd control, SafetyPro delivers on all fronts. Trust SafetyPro to optimize your queueing system and create a safe and efficient environment for your customers.

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