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Redefining Access Control with an Industry-Leading 35ft Belt: SafetyPro 335 Removable

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SafetyPro 335 Removable: Redefining Access Control with an Industry-Leading 35ft Belt

The SafetyPro 335 Removable stands out as it brings a large 35ft belt along with an innovative removable base to worksites around the globe. This cutting-edge stanchion offers a multitude of advantages, from its extraordinary belt length that sets it apart from others to its customizable features that cater to your specific worksite needs. In this blog post, we will dive into the exceptional features of the SafetyPro 335 Removable, exploring how its long-belt capability, customization options, and practical removable base contribute to redefining access control to new heights.

A Cost-Effective Perimeter Solution

The SafetyPro 335 Removable stands out with its remarkable 35ft belt, far surpassing the standard belt length in the industry. This substantial belt length brings numerous advantages to worksites, especially those that require extensive perimeters around large areas. The extended belt offers a cost-effective solution, as it can replace the need for multiple stanchions typically used with the industry-standard 7.5ft belt. With the SafetyPro 335, a single stanchion can provide the coverage equivalent to five traditional stanchions, resulting in significant reductions in purchase cost and setup time. Businesses seeking to restrict access along large areas without compromising safety will find the SafetyPro 335 Removable to be a great choice.

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Tailored to Your Workspace – Customization Options

Recognizing that each worksite is unique, the SafetyPro 335 Removable offers an array of customization options, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your specific requirements. Starting with the post, this model comes in three different high-visibility finish options: Yellow, Red, and Orange. The availability of these vibrant colors allows you to choose the right one that maximizes visibility and attention in your workspace. In addition to the post, SafetyPro provides over 50 different stock belts with various colors and safety messages. These options offer you flexibility of selecting a belt that reflects the needs of your worksite. If the stock options don’t quite fit your requirements, the SafetyPro 335 Removable offers fully custom belt printing. This allows you to create a safety message to suit your requirements including symbols and even corporate logos.

The Removable Base – Enhanced Flexibility and Stability

The SafetyPro 335 Removable stanchion is equipped with a cutting-edge removable base, specifically designed for permanent safety barrier layouts that may require occasional stanchion removal. This ingenious design features a 2” diameter insert fixed to the bottom of the stanchion, effortlessly sliding into a floor socket to create a secure and stable post. Unlike traditional portable stanchions that often need frequent realignment, this innovative system ensures the stanchions stay firmly in place, eliminating the chance of posts falling due to excessive wind or by being knocked over. When the need arises, simply remove the stanchion from the floor socket, making it easy to break down the barrier when it’s not needed, offering optimal flexibility in crowd control management. Embrace the convenience and versatility of the SafetyPro 335 Removable for your safety needs.

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In conclusion, the SafetyPro 335 Removable revolutionizes access control with its unparalleled 35ft belt and customizable features. With its ability to cover larger areas with fewer stanchions, the SafetyPro 335 Removable presents an enticing cost-effective solution for perimeter management. The abundance of customization options ensures that this stanchion can be tailored to suit your workspace perfectly, enhancing visibility and safety. The innovative removable base adds flexibility and stability to your crowd control setup, making it an invaluable asset for any worksite. Embrace the future of crowd control with the SafetyPro 335 Removable and elevate your safety measures to new heights.

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