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The Solution to Long Run Retractable Barriers: SafetyPro 300 Removable

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SafetyPro 300 Removable: The Solution to Long Run Retractable Barriers

Crowd Control Depot are pleased to introduce the SafetyPro 300 Removable, a great addition to our lineup of removable stanchions. The SafetyPro 300 Removable features a unique and practical removable base that is designed to meet the needs of permanent queue layouts with occasional stanchion removal requirements. This sturdy and highly durable base, equipped with a 2-inch diameter insert that seamlessly slides into a socket set into the floor socket creating a secure foundation for the stanchion. The base design allows for effortless stanchion removal, making it a versatile and adaptable solution for permanent barrier layouts that require occasional stanchion removal. Let this stanchion be the solution to long run retractable barriers.

The Power of the Removable Base

The removable base is designed for permanent safety barrier layouts but where occasional removal of the stanchions is necessary. The Removable Base is a 2” diameter insert fixed to the bottom of the stanchion that slides into a socket set in the floor. A cap fits into the socket when the stanchion is removed. The removable base and socket design ensures the stanchions stay in place unlike portable stanchions which need frequent realignment. Having the stanchion inserted into a socket also provides a strong, stable post which cannot topple if leant on. When the need arises, simply remove the stanchion from the floor socket, making it easy to remove the barrier when not required.

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Lower Costs with Long Belts

Beyond its removable base, the SafetyPro Removable 300 boasts another impressive feature that sets it apart, a 16-foot long belt. This belt is more than twice the length of the industry standard 7.5ft belt. Having twice the belt length means you only need half the number of stanchions significantly lowering purchase cost. Fewer stanchions also mean faster set times and less storage space required when the stanchions are not in use.

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Customization Options to Meet All Requirements

Each workplace has distinct requirements and customization preferences for their stanchions. To cater for these diverse demands we offer an extensive range of belt options and post colors.. Firstly, you can choose from a range of three high-visibility post colors (yellow, red, and orange). Moreover, we have 30 belt colors and stripes in stock along with 20 safety messages including essential messages like “Danger Keep Out” or “Authorized Access Only” and “Caution Do Not Enter”


If you can’t find what you are looking for among our stock options, we also provide fully custom printing for both the post and the belt. This allows you to showcase the specific safety message or symbols you need both on the post and belt.


The SafetyPro 300 Removable stands as a leading solution for long length retractable barriers. Its removable base ensures flexibility and adaptability, allowing for swift set up an d breakdown. With its extended 16-foot long belt, the SafetyPro 300 Removable optimizes barrier setups by reducing the number of stanchions needed, offering a cost-effective solution for long run barriers. Moreover, the wide range of customization options allows you to create a stanchion tailored to your unique needs. Call us today to find out more on how the SafetyPro 300 Removable can solve your pedestrian barrier needs.

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