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The Ultimate Solution For High Traffic Queue Management: The QueuePro 300

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Introducing the QueuePro 300: The Ultimate Solution for High-Traffic Queue Management

In crowded environments like airports, large retail stores, stadiums, and arenas, effective queue management is crucial for maintaining order and efficiency. These are the environments that the QueuePro 300 was designed for. Manufactured with a heavy gauge steel post and featuring a heavy-duty cast iron base, the QueuePro 300 is built to withstand constant use, making it the the ultimate solution for high traffic queue management.

Durability and Reliability

When it comes to queue management equipment, durability and reliability are key and the QueuePro 300 delivers on both fronts. Constructed with high-quality materials and built to last, this stanchion can withstand the toughest conditions without compromising on performance. Whether you’re dealing with large crowds or harsh weather conditions, you can trust the QueuePro 300 to maintain order and safety. This stanchion also comes equipped with a belt brake for slow, safe belt retraction. The slow speed of the belt retraction guarantees bystander safety in the event of an accidental belt release or user error. To further enhance safe use, the QueuePro 300 is equipped with a belt lock to prevent accidental belt release either from mishandling or from the public tampering with the belt.

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Long Belt Queueing

One standout feature of the QueuePro 300 is its 16 ft belt, which is more than double the length of the industry standard 7.5 ft belts. With this longer belt, you can cover more ground using fewer barriers, which reduces purchase cost and reduces the storage space required when the stanchions are not in use. We achieve this by using a larger 3” diameter post which allows us to accommodate an additional 9 feet of belt length compared to the industry standard. Whether you’re managing long queues or creating designated pathways, the QueuePro 300 offers unmatched versatility and efficiency.

Maximum Floor Protection

The QueuePro 300 provides comprehensive protection for your floors. It is fitted with a full-circumference floor protector, designed to prevent scuff marks, scratches, or other forms of damage, thereby maintaining the pristine condition of your space.

floor protector

Customization Options

The QueuePro 300 has an abundance of customization options including three stock finishes in black, polished stainless, and satin stainless to complement your venue’s aesthetic. Along with this, we also offer the widest range of stock belt options on the market with choices including solid colors, horizontal and diagonal stripes and printed safety messages. This allows you to choose a belt to suit your décor, corporate color or to convey an important safety message.

QueuePro 300 Black The Ultimate Solution For High Traffic Queue Management
QueuePro 300 Polished Stainless The Ultimate Solution For High Traffic Queue Management
QueuePro 300 Satin Stainless The Ultimate Solution For High Traffic Queue Management

Along with these stock options, the QueuePro 300 offers plenty of customization options to suit specific needs such as custom powder coating available in over 200 colors, specialty metal finishes to give an aged look or even fully printed post wraps. Along with our post customizing options, we also offer fully custom belt printing. With our in-house printing capabilities, we can create a custom belt that displays any logo or messaging you require. This allows you to create a queue management system that not only works seamlessly but also looks great and promotes your brand.

black colored post
Darker Black colored post
Copper Colored Post
Brown Colored Post



In conclusion, the QueuePro 300 sets a new standard for high-traffic queue management with its durable construction, efficient design, and unmatched versatility. Whether you’re overseeing crowds at an airport, stadium, or retail store, this stanchion is the ultimate solution for maintaining order and efficiency.

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