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Ensuring Safety with Crowd Control Depot’s SafetyPro Range

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Ensuring Safety with Crowd Control Depot’s SafetyPro Range

Safety is of paramount importance in any crowd control scenario, and Crowd Control Depot is committed to providing top-notch safety solutions through their innovative SafetyPro range. Designed specifically for restricting access to work or cleaning areas, the SafetyPro retractable belt barriers offer heavy-duty construction, high visibility, and customizable options. In this blog post, we will explore the remarkable features of the SafetyPro range and highlight specific products that exemplify Crowd Control Depot’s dedication to safety.

Uncompromising Durability and Visibility:

The SafetyPro range stands out for its sturdy construction and vibrant visibility options. Each model features a robust steel post, ensuring long-lasting durability even in demanding environments. To enhance visibility, the SafetyPro range offers a variety of high-visibility post color options, including yellow, red, and orange. These vibrant colors along with the abundance of belt options serve as visual cues, effectively warning individuals to exercise caution and respect restricted areas.

SafetyPro 250: Customizability and Adaptability:

The SafetyPro 250 is a versatile member of the range, offering 11′ and 13′ belt length options to suit different crowd control requirements. What sets this model apart is its extensive customization possibilities. With a selection of 50 belt colors and 25 pre printed safety messages available, or the option to create custom messages, the SafetyPro 250 can effectively convey essential safety messages to the public. Furthermore, customers can opt for enhanced effectiveness as a pedestrian barrier with twin and triple belt options available which all but eliminate people ducking under the belt. These models are also ADA compliant, providing the regulatory compliance required in most public settings.


SafetyPro 250 Fixed and Removable: Enhanced Stability and Versatility:

To cater to varying needs, Crowd Control Depot offers the SafetyPro 250 in fixed and removable versions. The fixed version features a base that can be securely bolted to the ground, providing enhanced stability for permanent barricades. On the other hand, the removable version offers the flexibility of a removable base, making it well-suited for semi-permanent barrier situations. By offering these options, Crowd Control Depot ensures that their customers have the right solutions for their specific crowd control requirements.


SafetyPro 300: Efficiency and Reduced Barrier Count:

The SafetyPro 300 is specifically designed to optimize crowd control efficiency. Featuring an impressive 16′ belt length, the SafetyPro 300 requires only half the number of barriers compared to the industry-standard 7.5′ belts. This reduction in barrier count translates to lower purchase costs, faster setup times, and minimized storage and transport space requirements. Like its counterpart, the SafetyPro 300 also offers customization options, ensuring that safety messages align with specific needs. Additionally, the twin belted option further enhances the stanchion’s effectiveness while maintaining ADA compliance.


SafetyPro 335: Efficient Long-Run Barriers:

For situations requiring long-run barriers, the SafetyPro 335 offers a practical solution. With belt lengths extending up to 35′, this model is designed for efficient, cost-effective setup. Setting up long barriers becomes a breeze, saving both time and resources. The SafetyPro 335 retains the customizable features of the range, allowing customers to select from a range of belt colors and preprinted safety messages or create custom messages tailored to their specific requirements along with being available in the variety of the QueuePro bases.


SafetyPro 775: Cost-Effective Large-Scale Barriers:

When it comes to creating extensive safety barriers or cordons, the SafetyPro 775 excels. With an impressive 75′ belt length, this stanchion is equivalent to 10 standard 7.5′ stanchions. The reduced number of stanchions offers several advantages, including lower purchase costs, faster setup times, and efficient transport and storage. The SafetyPro 775 provides an extremely cost-effective solution for large-scale crowd control needs while maintaining high safety standards.



Crowd Control Depot’s SafetyPro range sets a new standard in crowd control safety, providing robust and customizable solutions for various scenarios. With heavy-duty construction, high visibility options, and a range of belt lengths, the SafetyPro range offers versatility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s the SafetyPro 250 with its customizable features, the efficiency-driven SafetyPro 300, the practicality of the SafetyPro 335 for long-run barriers, or the cost-effective solution of the SafetyPro 775 for large-scale barriers, Crowd Control Depot demonstrates its unwavering commitment to ensuring safety in every crowd control situation. By choosing the SafetyPro range, you are choosing top-quality products that prioritize the well-being of both your personnel and the public.

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