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The Ultimate Cone-Top Barrier : ConePro 500

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ConePro 500: The Ultimate Cone-Top Barrier

In the world of safety and crowd control, innovation is the key to success. That’s why, at Crowd Control Depot, we’re excited to introduce a game-changing product that not only enhances safety but also offers unmatched convenience. The ConePro 500 is a portable, highly effective retracting belt unit designed to fit most traffic cones. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many advantages of the ultimate cone-top barrier : The ConePro 500, from its versatility to its durability, and how it can take your safety measures to the next level.

A Quick and Easy Barricade Solution

Traffic cones are a common sight when it comes to controlling crowds, rerouting traffic, or ensuring safety in various settings. While cones are undoubtedly useful, they have limitations when it comes to creating clearly defined pedestrian barriers. This is where the ConePro 500 steps in as a versatile and efficient solution.

ConePro 500: The ultimate cone-top barrier


The ConePro 500 is a portable retracting belt unit specifically designed to be placed on top of traffic cones. This simple yet effective solution allows you to connect each belt barrier quickly and easily from cone to cone, instantly creating a continuous barrier between your traffic cones. Whether you’re managing a construction site, event, or any situation that requires restricting access, the ConePro 500 provides a low cost, easy to use method of turning a line of traffic cones into a pedestrian barrier.

Durable Nylon Belt for Tough Conditions

Safety should never be compromised, especially in demanding conditions. That’s why the ConePro 500 features a 10-foot or 12-foot heavy-duty nylon belt. This high-quality belt is built to withstand even the harshest conditions, ensuring that your barricade remains robust and secure. Whether you’re dealing with strong winds, heavy rain, or high-traffic areas, the ConePro 500’s nylon belt won’t fray or break, providing a long service life even in the harshest conditions. Your crowd control measures should always be reliable, and the ConePro 500 guarantees that. Besides its durability, the belt offers extensive customization options. Our wide-ranging collection of over 50 distinct belt colors and safety messages allows you to find the perfect belt to meet your requirements. Whether you prefer high-visibility colors or wish to include a safety message on the belt, we have the ideal belt barrier just for you.

Belt Color Option for The ultimate cone-top barrier


Color Options For Maximum Safety

Visibility plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety in any situation. Because of this, the ConePro 500 is available in vibrant red, yellow, blue, or green making it highly visible and easily noticeable in a variety of environments.

Pair with Our Quality Traffic Cones

The ConePro 500 is a powerful tool, but it works best when paired with quality traffic cones. At Crowd Control Depot, we offer a heavy duty weighted traffic cone that perfectly complements the ConePro 500. When used together, they create a highly effective safety system that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Orange Traffic Cone
Reflective Traffic Cone



The ConePro 500 is the ultimate solution for enhancing safety and crowd control. Its simplicity, durability, and high visibility make it a must-have for any situation that requires controlled access. From construction sites to events, this portable retracting belt unit offers versatility and convenience that can elevate your traffic cones to an effective safety barrier.

To learn more about the ConePro 500 and explore how it can fit seamlessly into your safety and crowd control strategies, contact Crowd Control Depot today. Safety should never be compromised, and with the ConePro 500, you’re taking the right step toward creating secure and controlled environments.

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